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Acorn Amplifiers

Acorn Amplifiers Another Klone

Acorn Amplifiers Another Klone

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Faithful handmade version of everyone’s favorite mythic overdrive. The Acorn Amplifiers Klon Klone serves up all the delicious transparent overdrive you'd expect, with the addition of a little higher gain/breakup than your standard Klon. It also has a bass toggle which adds another level of sonic adjustment. Despite the snarky title this pedal is no joke! Expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Klon Klone lives up to its reputation for delivering versatile and transparent overdrive. Boasting a higher gain/breakup and unique bass toggle, this pedal offers unparalleled sonic control for musicians seeking a professional-quality sound. Don't let the playful name fool you - the Acorn Amplifiers Klon Klone is a serious addition to any pedalboard.



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