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Browne Amplification T4 Fuzz Pedal

Browne Amplification T4 Fuzz Pedal

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The T4 Fuzz Pedal is a 4 transistor fuzz pedal, highly modified by Dave Brown to maintain clarity while retaining mid frequencies often lost in most Fuzz pedals. Simple in design but powerful in function - this is the last Fuzz you will ever need.

The T4 is our take on the classic 4 transistor fuzz, similar to the circuits used in the big muff and countless other variants. What sets the T4 apart is a flattened EQ curve that brings the mids back in and helps cut through the mix. It also has been softened in the gain department and is smoother than other versions of this circuit. It is a beautiful sounding fuzz while still being able to get those ferocious tones that endeared the original designs. If you’ve never dived into the world of fuzz, this could be your gateway drug.




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