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Cornerstone Music Gear

Cornerstone Music Gear Nero Fuzz

Cornerstone Music Gear Nero Fuzz

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Imagine a gadget that harks back to classic, vintage sounds yet embraces ingenuity and forward-thinking design. That’s the Nero Fuzz.

At its heart is a rich FUZZ gain stage that beautifully cascades into a steadfast GLADIO SC circuit; a combination designed to unlock new realms of musical flexibility.

Equipped with two independent bias controls, you can effortless transition between tones with the click of a footswitch.

Not just another fuzz.
Merge an original fuzz circuit with an entire built-in Gladio SC.
This is the NERO.

The Nero pedal combines a unique fuzz circuit with a built-in Gladio SC, activating both circuits simultaneously for a stacked drive effect. It features a "Comp" knob for compression management, altering overall compression, and two independent bias controls ("voices") for a range of fuzz and overdrive tones. Notably, Nero allows for flexible gain control, maintains high input impedance for pedalboard versatility, offers constant compression adjustment, and seamlessly transitions between gritty fuzz and full overdrive with a footswitch. It also achieves gated fuzz and nice cleanup effects under specific conditions.

Two different voices. For any situation

The voice controls are identical and independent bias controls, and you can switch between them instantly, with the dedicated footswitch. The sound is gritty and rough in the first half rotation, and rolling down the guitar volume creates a nice gated tone. After noon, the sound becomes a full, big overdrive, which cleans up nicely when the guitar volume is turned down.

Compression under control. At all times.

The Comp is the clean of the Gladio SC which, being hit from a fuzz in front, can’t be called “clean” anymore. Since it controls the amount of fuzz signal allowed to “pass-by” the SC section (it actually is a real parallel mix) its effect is to manage the overall compression.
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