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Dr. J D58 Blademaster Distortion Pedal

Dr. J D58 Blademaster Distortion Pedal

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D-58 Blademaster Distortion

Dr J designed the Blademaster high-gain distortion pedal especially for metal. If distortion is blade, then the Blademaster is the master born to wield the blade to its utmost. Normally, HI GAIN metal distortion delivers a feeling of hollowed out, with a dull and stiff tone, strictly matching some special amps. Blademaster offers a full tone similar to HI GAIN tube amp. With 3 levels EQ and WOW clip (LFE), you can dial in your desired tone for ferocious riffs or full metal solos. The outstanding dynamic characteristic of the pedal brings you authentic and sensitive feeling with each note.

Blademaster will easily activate your amp to a roaring monster with ferocious screaming distortion.


Product Details

  • Gain gain control
  • High high EQ
  • Mid mid EQ
  • Low low EQ
  • Master master volume
  • 2 way switch WOW clip (LFE)
  • Switching True Bypass
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 38 x 96 x 88mm
  • Weight 350g
  • Model Dr J D-58 Blademaster Distortion
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