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Mooer Preamp Model X X2 Digital Preamp Pedal

Mooer Preamp Model X X2 Digital Preamp Pedal

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Preamp Model X

Digital Preamp Pedal

The new Preamp Model X comes loaded with a host of new features that make it easy to customize your digital preamp and cab setup. Featuring 3 global cab sim files, support for third-party impulse response files, and 14 preset slots, each with two different channel settings to customize, the Model X offers plenty of space to prepare for long gigs or the freedom to explore and save different tonal combinations.

Where the Preamp Model X excels compared to previous MOOER preamp pedals is in the user interface and digital editor software. The expanded footswitch layout of the X2 gives users two settings to choose from: one for preset scrolling and one for A/B channel switching. This allows users to quickly cycle through presets at just a tap of the foot. The editor software is free and can be downloaded from MOOER’s website  and allows users the comfort of a desktop interface when customizing and tweaking presets, loading third-party impulse response files, or updating the Model X2’s firmware.

The Preamp Model X has been specifically designed to be compatible with files created using MOOER’s MNRS sampling technology. Simply download these files from MOOER Studio and load them into your Model X2 using the editor software. The Model X2 is also compatible with MOOER’s GIR/GNR cab sim files as well as other major third-party impulse response filetypes.

  • *Dual-channel digital preamp pedal based on MOOER's unique MNRS sampling technology
  • *Includes 14 preset slots that can store two different channel settings each
  • *Supports loading MNRS, GNR, and GIR files via MOOER STUDIO to expand your tonal palette
  • *Dual-footswitch controls for preset scrolling or A/B channel switching
  • *3 global cabinet simulation files with support for loading third-party impulse response files or  GIR files
  • *Comes with specialized editor software for preset management, IR loading, and firmware updates


  • *Input: 1*1/4” Monoaural jack (Impedance value: 1M ohms)
  • *Output: 1*1/4” Monoaural jack (Impedance value: 510 ohms)
  • *Num. of Preset Slot: 14
  • *Num. of Factory Amp Model: 28 (Can be replaced by imported GNR file) 
  • *Num. of Factory Cab Sim: 3 (Global cab sim, can be replaced by imported GIR/IR file)
  • *IR Spec: 44.1kHz/24bit/1024points
  • *Power supply: 9V DV center negative (Please ensure the voltage value of power supply is not more than 9V, ensure the polarity is correct.)
  • *Current Draw: 300mA
  • *Dimension: 0.334kg
  • *Weight: 75mm(D)*115mm(W)*33mm(H)
  • *Accessories: Owner’s manual, USB TYPE-C to TYPE-A cable; DC 9V power supply, sticker.
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