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Porter Pickups Smooth Classic Humbucker Set

Porter Pickups Smooth Classic Humbucker Set

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Smooth-Classic Our best seller! Versatile tones from neck to bridge and a great middle position. You get the great lows and softer respond of the neck positions for clean chords and the bridge that can rock if needed.

 Classic-Classic This is a great combination when you need a little more crispness from the neck position vs our Smooth model. Tones are still versatile but you get more aggression and bite from the neck position. 
 Classic-Clear This is a great combo for those who need to go from clean and mean to “rip your face off” leads. The clear gives you even more cut through in the bridge position. if you play a lit of heavier riffs and use a lot of gain, this is a great combination.
 Classic-Overdrive The Classic-Overdrive combo is perfect for those who need a stronger bridge position but not as much high end. The Alnico 8 magnet in the overdrive is great for taking the bridge up a notch but still keeping some of the flavors of the classic. Great sustain and tight leads, but not too over the top if you plan on using it for a variety of styles.  

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