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Diamond Pedals

Diamond Vibrato Pedal

Diamond Vibrato Pedal

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Designed with a 100% audio analog path, updated features and a compact footprint.

The Diamond Vibrato started back in late 2006 with a simple yet ambitious idea: crafting an analog, true-pitch Vibrato pedal built around the revered MN3007 bucket brigade device...  It promptly became one of the world's most coveted and sought-after Vibrato pedals.

Now, nearly two decades later, the Diamond Vibrato is not only back—it’s better than ever. The latest and greatest version of the Vibrato incorporates decades-worth of end-user feedback, better tech, maximum efficiency, modern features, a meticulous redesign for enhanced player experience and the signature Diamond quality that made the OG Vibrato great.


Don’t let the size cause you to underestimate the power packed within. We’ve managed to stuff all the Vibrato’s analog audio path, Compandor and BBD Delay circuits in pedalboard-friendly sized enclosure. By using dual stacked PCB’s, we’ve not only optimized space but also enhanced the isolation of the audio path from the power and switching circuits. Add top jacks, soft-touch True Bypass switching, and standardized negative-center 9-18VDC input with polarity and over-voltage protection for a bulletproof pedal ready for any gig.


At the heart of this pedal lies the revered MN3007 Bucket Brigade Delay chip, renowned for its ability to create the rich, organic, and warbling Vibrato & Chorus tones which make the sounds of the 70s and 80s guitar icons. The MN3007 infuses its signature character to your guitar signal—delivering a natural, liquid-like pitch modulation with a rounded vintage texture and mojo that is missing from modern digital counterparts.


Our Compandor Circuit adds warmth and complexity by controlling your dynamics. Acting as both a compressor and expander, it not only gives the Vibrato its signature feel and response but also reduces much of the noise inherently found in BBD technology. Borrowed from the Memory Lane Jr., the updated compandor design in the Vibrato provides increased clarity, less distortion and is pre-trimmed therefore will never have to be recalibrated.


While the original Vibrato could only be powered by an 18VDC reverse polarity power supply (internally regulated to 15VDC) – the new Vibrato offers a much more versatile 9-18VDC operating range. The voltage is internally regulated based on the power input and as a result, the pedal will sound slightly different depending on operating voltage as the clock frequency will shift.   

 For classic, pristine and lush Diamond Vibrato tones with added headroom, power the pedal at 18VDC like the original. Powering it at 9VDC will add a bit more color and warble—much like the “High Mode” in the original big-box Vibrato. You can take advantage of the added range or just dial back the depth. Better yet, grab a Cioks power supply and try it at 12VDC or 15VDC regardless of what you settle on, the Diamond Vibrato will sound great! As always, we recommend using a good quality, isolated power supply. 

Technical Info

  • Pedal type: Vibrato  
  • Input Impedance:  > 1 MΩ 
  • Output Impedance:  < 10 KΩ 
  • Switching: Relay True Bypass 
  • Power Requirement: 9-18VDC negative tip, 2.1mm Barrel Jack 
  • Current Draw @ 9V:  40mA 
  • Current Draw @ 18V: 45mA 
  • Jazz (UP) High Roll-Off:  5 kHz w/ -3db 
  • Jazz (DOWN) High Roll-Off:  1.5 kHz w/ -3dB 
  • Dimensions:  4.8” x 2.64” x 1.58” 
  • Weight:  280g 
  • Made In Canada 


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