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Summer School Electronics Booster Booster

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The Bootster Booster is a volume and treble boost in one. It is the secret weapon every guitar rig needs. Sometimes your guitar needs be louder, or hit a drive pedal harder. Sometimes you signal needs to be brighter to cut through for a lead without adding volume throwing off the mix. And sometimes you need both. The Bootster Booster is a versatile tool for your rig that can be left always on to sculpt tone, or switched on and off to accentuate your signal when need.


Classic Boost: With the Volume at maximum, and the Twang at a minimum the Boost knob functions as a standard volume boost that can be placed before a drive to push it harder, or at the end of a chain to raise your signal going into an amp.

Treble Boost: By increasing the Twang knob, upper mid/high frequencies will be increased making the signal brighter. By incorporating the boost and volume, you can maintain unity volume, or add volume to the treble boost.

Preamp: By adjusting the Boost and Twang knobs, a bright sparkle can be added to a guitar signal, and the Volume can be adjusted to maintain unity or add a volume boost.

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